Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Boonies

Maine loves water, even on the mountain ranges, loves wind turbines for good reason but not cell phone towers, ja miss me?
Easily the hardest part of the trail was the Whites of NH thru the start of Maine. 
Lots of 4000 footers:
Lots of trees:
Into the woods:
I never realized there are so many lakes in Maine:
Water everywhere:
The colors have been incredible:
Clouds above and clouds below:
I met two Gridiacs in NH. To complete "The Grid" one must summit each of the 48 4,000 footers each of the 12 months of the year!
Yes I've run into the white stuff:
The cold and wet stuff (so much for keeping the feet warm and dry):
The green stuff:
A monster:
A critter:
I don't know if they mate for life but apparently they eat together:
Although not this one, on top of a range I slipped into a mud bog up to my knees:
Cool Breeze check out the furniture:
This was a very cool tent site:
All to myself:
The trail is empty but I'm certainly not complaining:
The scenery spectacular:
The days short but full:
There's been little or no cell coverage. Tomorrow I enter the famous 100 Mile Wilderness where the coverage won't exist. So how ironicalistic (Webster adds new words every year and that will make sense to mi familia) to be sending my last post before the finish, you know how and if, from:
Apparently the two departments, Maine and Mass, met in Springfield Mass at a convention several years ago. I landed here this morning to prep for the days ahead. By noon I was invited to a bible study at 630. To say "God is good" seems so elementary.


  1. The furniture is way cool, but not better than the view. I love Maine! You dig the smell of the balsam pines? Good to hear from you, be safe and finish well.

    P.S. my squirrel picture is better than yours :-p

  2. Amazing pictures! What an incredible journey to tell us all about, especially your grandkids, for years to come! Can't wait!!

  3. Those are beautiful boonie shots! I wonder if you were anywhere near my favorite body of water up there? Moosehead Lake. I found a fossil there once.God is WICKED good.

    1. I ain't seen no moose head lake but lakes everywhere! And moose poop everywhere. Seen 4 moose with heads? Finished Ravis Why Suffering, it doesn't take him much to lose me but I liked chapter 7 most.


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