Thursday, November 5, 2015

"What's Next"?

I've been axt several times already, "so what's next?" Well, let's have a bit of review first or better yet
The Appalachian Trail is a true blue national treasure first proposed by Benton MacKaye back in the 1920's
To provide an environment where we find relief, recovery and refreshment from urban and industrial life. 
The ball was later picked up by Arthur Perkins:
And Myron Avery when in the 30's the blazes started appearing.
Completing the Trail from Maine to Georgia in 19ought37. I threw in ought cuz that's how they talked.
My favorite section? That's tough as I saw beauty every day, have hours of GoPro video and hundreds of pics to prove it but I'm looking forward most to seeing the Green Mtn section in Vermont again and am hoping to help coordinate a week long excursion next year to include service work in the Berkshires with teens and chaperones.
The worst section for me was Pennsylvania, the hardest was between the Whites and the finish.
Although there was no lack of natural God given beauty in all States.
The eye candy is infinite
Shelters every 5-10 miles
Wonderful, like minded, generous people everywhere
You've been following, you know.
What about the hair?
Options include but are not limited to;
The combover
The 7Eleven or Quickymart:
That was a terribleawful. How about the hoodlum
Orrrrr how about, the Kip?
Either way, it seems I must now reenter the matrix:
It is easy to sense the societal tension, 2 minutes of news, grocery stores, just out and about and the drive from Mass to Maryland to visit mom and Bluebird was choked with "I's and A's" weaving in and out trying to play NASCAR on the highway.
About six weeks ago I came across an almost hidden trail magic site next to a small stream in Vermont with soda, a seat and this anonymous note and poem.
I'm not sure if you're able to expand and read. The note mentions Robert Frost reciting the poem two miles away in 1957. A few lines from A Prayer in Spring: 
Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers today; and give us not to think so far away
For this is love and nothing else is love, To which it is reserved to God above
To sanctify to what far ends He will,
But which it only needs that we fulfill.
We so easily get tangled up in tomorrow that it so often strangles our today.
The longest foot path in the world provides a wonderful respite whether for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks to help spirit, mind and body.
 And I remain at your service to answer questions or support those interested in taking a closer look or greater advantage.
GK Chesterton made many great quotes in my opinion: "Don't teach the children they are a body with a soul, rather that they are a soul with a body" and for those who maintain their rejection:
“If there were no God, there would be no atheists.”
While I eagerly seek a permanent position with FEMA I am far more excited, humbled and sobered by what begins on November 15th. After essentially a 25 year vetting, the elders and congregation have asked me to be their full time minister. Yes, they know about the sense of humor, many appreciate it, if nothing else it teaches patience and we all must practice forgiveness. A word about the art of forgivenes; like a lawyer who always only "practices" law or a doctor who always only "practices" medicine, forgiveness has always only practiced and only perfected once in Hisstory. Those that know me understand there will be many opportunities for various ministry fields to participate in as we seek to serve: prisoners (juvenile and adult male) with my buddy Steve; 
An open wellness program and a food pantry ministry with the lovely and ever positive Maretta;
Maretta's famous quote when being described as a cup half full person replied "please, I'm just thankful to have the cup"
Widows & orphans, youth,  veterans, Christian business owners ministries etc., surrounded and infused with real deal Bible and book study and an incredibly gifted, enthusiastic, generous and engaged church family.
The Greater Springfield church of Christ in Chicopee (gee I wonder what that Indian name stands for) is a wonderful and diverse family of believers. It is what's known as a mainline church of Christ not to be confused with either the United Church of Christ nor the International church of Christ. 
I've preached many times over the years but my first official sermon is titled: A Declaration of Dependance and will revolve around the story of the rich young ruler found in Mathew 19. We would be glad to see you, just be forewarned, if you sit there and make funny faces at me, I will call you out! Haha
In closing, I thank God from whom all blessings flow, for prayers answered, for His one and only Son who escorted me for six months and despite my weakness resides with me still, for my incredibly prescious family and outstanding friends and loved ones who boggle my selfish mind with support and encouragement.
For up to 3 months I will be finishing up a personal project in Huntington staying with my wonderful friends Phil and the one and only bestest Marylou;
I'd like to find a permanent dwelling in the Chicopee, Holyoke, South Hadley area to be close to the church and turnpike.
At some point I hope to further use and abuse my more computer savvy friends to produce a multimedia AT video which I will share. Till then take care and please, don't hesitate.

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